Now that we are approaching November (crazy!), I thought I would share a little pregnancy update with some questions I get a lot, along with sharing the details for my maternity leave.

When is my Due Date?

I am due December 26th (yes a little Christmas baby) so I’m 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

How am I feeling?

For the most part I’m feeling good. I’m starting to slow down a bit and after a day of shooting, I can definitely feel it. I’ve been having a lot of round ligament pains and frequent Braxton Hicks each day. At my appointment last week, baby boy sounded healthy, and for that we are super thankful!

Do we have a name picked out yet?

Yes, we do! But we aren’t sharing it publicly until he’s here!

Am I accepting any more sessions this Fall? 

No, I am actually booked for the rest of the year.  I am so sorry to those of you who haven’t been able to schedule a session with me this Fall. I hate letting people down but I am happy to provide recommendations for other local photographers while I am on leave if you’d like to email me.

Will I be taking a Maternity Leave?

Yes, my last sessions wrap up towards the middle to end of November. I will spend the rest of November and December wrapping up editing sessions, and then spending time preparing for Baby Miller’s arrival! I will still reply to emails, phone calls, etc.. through the first few weeks of December, but then I’m officially on maternity leave from December 15th until March 1st. 

Can I book a session for the spring while you’re on maternity leave? 

Absolutely! During maternity leave I will still be booking 2018 sessions, but will have an email auto-responder up so expect a much slower response. I do not plan to check emails for the first few weeks after he’s born, so keep that in mind.

What if I know now that I want to book a session for March, April or May 2018?

Spring time is generally super busy for me, so if you want to schedule your session before I go on maternity leave, go ahead and email me to ensure your spot!

Will I be having Spring Mini Sessions in 2018 like I normally do? 

I will but they may be a little later in the spring next year. Being a new mom and juggling his and my schedule is something I’m going to have to learn, but I will post all of the details when they roll out in 2018.

How you can find out more about my pregnancy progress?

Follow my business Instagram account (@lucymillerphotography) for LMP updates along with our family account: (@itsthemillerfamily) to see updates on my pregnancy progress and when baby boy arrives!


Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support! I am looking forward to welcoming a new arrival to our family.