Stephanie and Tim are two people that when looking at them interact, you can tell they love each other deeply. I had many occasions to get to know this sweet couple and their families before the big day, and I must say they are amazing. You can tell they each care so deeply for one another. There were so many great moments from this sweet day, but one of my favorites was when I had Stephanie and Tim by themselves after their ceremony. Those first sweet moments as husband and wife- there’s truly nothing like it. Congratulations y’all!


The Details:

Venue:  O.Henry Hotel

Hair & Makeup:  Chelsea Sorrell with I Do Style

Groom’s suit: Bruce’s Tuxedo

Bride’s dress: Anne Barge/Kleinfelds New York

Florals: Clark at Plants and Answers

Catering: O.Henry Hotel

Invitations: Cardinal & Straw

Cake:  Maxie B’s

Wedding music violin and cello: Matthew Fox and Diane Bonds

Wedding Coordination: Marjorie Gerald



I’ve enjoyed getting to know this sweet family the past couple of months. Isaac is 10 months, so for his session, we met at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC. It was such a pretty morning with beautiful lighting. I love this family and their beautiful kiddos. Can’t wait for our sessions in November! <3

2016-09-29_0011 2016-09-29_0006 2016-09-29_0022 2016-09-29_0005 2016-09-29_0001 2016-09-29_0004 2016-09-29_0008 2016-09-29_0013 2016-09-29_0010 2016-09-29_0002 2016-09-29_0021 2016-09-29_0018 2016-09-29_0003 2016-09-29_0007 2016-09-29_0009 2016-09-29_0012 2016-09-29_0014 2016-09-29_0015 2016-09-29_0017 2016-09-29_0019 2016-09-29_0020 2016-09-29_0016

Sep 26, 2016
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I had so much fun with Isabel last weekend for her senior session! She is such a fun, beautiful young woman with a great smile and laugh! Can we also talk about these amazing curls?!? She totally rocked her senior session.

2016-09-26_0001 2016-09-26_0002 2016-09-26_0003 2016-09-26_0004 2016-09-26_0005 2016-09-26_0006 2016-09-26_0007 2016-09-26_0008 2016-09-26_0009 2016-09-26_0010 2016-09-26_0011 2016-09-26_0012 2016-09-26_0013 2016-09-26_0014 2016-09-26_0015 2016-09-26_0016 2016-09-26_0017 2016-09-26_0018 2016-09-26_0019 2016-09-26_0020

Now booking Fall Mini Sessions from September 1 – November 22


Fall Mini Sessions are the perfect way to update your family photos and provide great images for your holiday cards at an affordable price!
Booking sessions from September 1 – November 22 in Greensboro, NC.
Fall Mini Sessions: $165
– 30 Minute session
– 10 Digital images
– Online gallery to view and download images
These mini sessions differ from others in the area because instead of offering just one or two days of limited availability, I offer almost two months of time so that we can choose a date and time that works best for both of our schedules. But be sure to book today, because dates are filling up quickly!
To inquire or book your Fall Mini Session, contact Lucy at



Date: Saturday March 12, 2016 (Rain date: Sunday March 13, 2016)

How Much: $75

What’s Included:

      – 15 minute session with a live bunny

      – 5 digital images

      – online gallery

      – print release

      – up to 3 kids per family ($10/child if more than 3)

Recommended age range: 1-10 years old

Where: Outdoor location in Oak Ridge, NC (exact location given upon booking)


     – 2:00PM – RESERVED (L. Harris)

     – 2: 35PM – RESERVED (J. Cueva)

     – 3:00PM – RESERVED (G. Ziehmer)

     – 3:25PM – RESERVED (A. Kidd)

     – 3:50PM – RESERVED (I. Tanvishut)

     – 4:15PM – RESERVED (K. Wangelin)

     – 4:40PM – RESERVED (C. Nguyen)

     – 5:05PM – RESERVED (P. Stall)

Email me at: to book your session!

It’s been a while since i’ve written on the blog, so to kick it back up, I have this beautiful family I photographed last weekend! This sweet little baby is 2 months and has such a calm temperament. She was awake for most of the shoot, but I caught a few when she dozed off. Enjoy these images of this precious family!

Nagulapally (25 of 36) Nagulapally (16 of 36) Nagulapally (9 of 36) Nagulapally (26 of 36) Nagulapally (5 of 36) 1 Nagulapally (4 of 36) Nagulapally (10 of 36) 3 Nagulapally (27 of 36) Nagulapally (28 of 36) Nagulapally (3 of 36) 2 Nagulapally (13 of 36) Nagulapally (8 of 36) Nagulapally (12 of 36) Nagulapally (14 of 36) Nagulapally (2 of 36) Nagulapally (11 of 36) Nagulapally (19 of 36) Nagulapally (20 of 36) Nagulapally (21 of 36) Nagulapally (22 of 36) Nagulapally (24 of 36) 4 Nagulapally (23 of 36) 5 Nagulapally (33 of 36) Nagulapally (36 of 36) Nagulapally (32 of 36) Nagulapally (31 of 36)

So you have booked your fall photography session with me (YAY!) but now the hard part…. ‘WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO WEAR?!’ This is the number one question I get from clients!

If you had that thought, this post is just for you! Fall is such a beautiful time of year – the leaves are changing, the sunsets are gorgeous, and the lighting is perfectly golden! Here are some ideas for you and your family to look great in your upcoming fall photography session!


1. Don’t be afraid of color and patterns- mix them! 

Long gone are the days of white shirts and khaki pants. Find colors you like, and then find clothing that will fit into this color palette!

Coordinate, don’t match! Mix and match colors so that everyone flows and coordinates.

IMG_5432 IMG_3090 Untitled-1 IMG_8078 IMG_7662 IMG_3145 IMG_2576


2. Have fun with layers, textures and accessories!

Hats, scarves, vests, boots… all of these things can bring dimension to the photos (and also keep you warm!)


IMG_4085 IMG_7077 IMG_7328


3. Think about your walls in your home- what kinds of colors would match your decor?

You will want your pictures to be on display in your home, so consider if you are drawn to bright and bold colors or neutral and soft ones. This will allow your photographs to blend in with your home!



Untitled-3 IMG_8860-11 Untitled-2 IMG_0952

Still needing ideas and inspiration? Head over to my Pinterest Board



There is just a feeling I get in my heart when I am around brand new babies. I love it. Everything about newborns, the baby smell, the fresh skin, the wrinkles…just love it. Bailee was no exception. What a sweet girl! She is the spitting image of her big brother, Ashton! I had such a fun time photographing this crew! Enjoy these images of this sweet family, energetic 16 month old and precious baby girl Bailee.

Bailee Newborn (1 of 13) Untitled-1 Bailee Newborn (7 of 13) Bailee Newborn (10 of 13) Bailee Newborn (5 of 13) Untitled-2 Bailee Newborn (2 of 13) Bailee Newborn (12 of 13) Bailee Newborn (3 of 13) Untitled-4 Bailee Newborn (1 of 1) Bailee Newborn (4 of 13) Bailee Newborn (8 of 13) Bailee Newborn (11 of 13) Bailee Newborn (13 of 13) Untitled-6

I have known Charlotte since we were kids.  Even today, we still go to the same church!  I have valued her friendship through the years, so when she emailed me to set up a photography session for her family, I was thrilled!  We met on a warm, sunny afternoon.  Charlotte and her husband, Eric have a little boy named Jackson who just celebrated his first birthday! After a fun session of photos, laughs, and stories, I was sad to see them go…  It has been so amazing to see Charlotte grow up to be a wonderful wife and mom, and I am blessed to give her family memories that will last a lifetime!

Jackson Blog (2 of 7) 1 Jackson Blog (4 of 7) 5 9 4 Jackson Blog (1 of 7) 7 Jackson Blog (6 of 7) Jackson Blog (1 of 2) 2 Jackson Blog (7 of 7) Jackson Blog (5 of 7) 3 Jackson Blog (2 of 2)

Welcome to the new Lucy Miller Photography website and blog! I’m so happy you have made your way here!

For those who may be confused, Lucy Miller Photography used to be Lucy Clement Photography… you may ask why? Well, I married the man of my dreams and I took his last name and therefore changed my business name. I can’t wait to share my story about how we met, but you will have to wait for another day.

Have a look around my new site, head over to my Instagram and Facebook and let me know if you have questions! I’m excited to be back!

Take a look at what I’ve been up to in the past few months

1908128_10102534865885463_6764176680270492118_n 10928188_10102301125827413_2253039090346547094_n 11025824_10102374072791113_714730900474588247_n 11229687_10102528018866943_3281663347907989834_n 11705480_10102695965575393_5013714538690676671_o 11130293_10102446328769553_7049137974468890294_n 11698573_10102637319008583_3188159391306820366_n 11082528_10102446659067633_1053848488860225216_n 11694799_10102639255228383_9004046106780153757_n 1534948_10102646009637493_8748968256765559343_o 11903930_10102726272649773_6875708366696916842_n 11934506_10102777074362733_7723259014986172160_o 11942107_10102783544556413_759169421954326219_o 11782363_10102787452444973_6923837807639542925_o 12010592_10102790656718583_4105683648872060387_o 12031358_10102799569377543_2709766338742251340_o